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  • small business owner


  • attended AISD schools (including Cunningham Elem. Bedicheck Jr.High & L.B.J. H.S.


  • South Austin Resident 30+ years


  • former neighborhood assn. president


  • former Govt. Affairs Committee Chair & Former member of Board of Directors for Austin Board of REALTORS


  • Youth baseball/softball coach/volunteer


  • Former PTA Member / Volunteer (Odom Elementary / Fulmore Middle)





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Early Voting Has Begun!  Don't Forget Your Photo ID!

Early Voting runs from Monday, October 20 Friday, October 31

View a map of the early voting locations

(Old School / Traditional voting day is Tuesday Nov.4th at the  precinct polling place listed on your voter registration card)

 call Travis County Clerk at (512) 238 8683 for more voter information

NOTE: This year's ballot is Austin's Longest Ballot Ever!  Don't let anyone tell you you can't vote "Straight Party Ticket", but IF you do, MAKE SURE to go down the ballot and vote for the non-partisan elections like City Council and the Bond Propositions.  CALL John at 512-567-JOHN if you have any questions.



for   Austin City Council District 2


What's the #1 reason the Austin City Council has not been accountable to the average Austinite?  Because they don't have to be.  Some folks call for "transparency in government", I think it's pretty apparent that means another bunch of word games for insiders to make you think they care.  Transparency means nothing without accountability. -John C. Sheppard


About John:   John's parents moved John, his sister Shannon, and brother Harry to Austin when he was a boy.  He attended Cunningham Elem. (go Cobras!), Bedichek Jr. HS (yea Bobcats), and LBJ High School (sic em Jags!).  Likewise, his son and daughter (now both enrolled at Texas State U in San Marcos, attended Austin schools from pre-K-12 (Escuela Montesorri de Montopolis, Odom Elem. / Fulmore Middle / Crockett HS).   While enrolled at U.T., and working at the Texas Capitol, John met his wife Deborah.  Like him, she shares his sense of civic pride, and determination.  They have been married over 20 years, and have been working together for over a decade (no small feat!).  From the times as a youth, when he worked in the produce department at Safeway (now Sprouts) on Wm Cannon, to his teen/early college years working with his father at Frito-Lay & El Lago Tortillas, along through when he joined JBGoodwin, REALTORS(R) in the 1990's, to starting with Debbie- John has known that no one succeeds on their own- everyone needs somebody, and building relationships & teamwork are almost always required for anything good.  His  business experience has taught him how to get things done.   Working at the Texas House of Representatives expanded his knowledge of  legislative & governmental processes.  It also helped fan his fascination with Austin's & Texas' history.  This contest for city council, with the newly drawn districts is historic.  People from our part of town will no longer have to put up with city council run by slick political types that have only their future run for office or some insider real estate speculation plans to answer to.   He knows that we all need help sometimes, and now is the time that Austin needs your help.  To be elected, and be your representative on the council, John needs YOUR help.  By voting, and getting (or staying) involved in issues that affect us all- we can all work together to keep Austin the best city in Texas- and best in Texas means best in the world!



John Believes that hard work should be enough to make it today- but often it's not.  People need each other to succeed- and Austin needs you to pay attention, participate, AND VOTE!


 As a husband, a father, and a lot of times as a little league coach & umpire- John knows that compromise is a way of life.  That being said, there are some issues on which we cannot compromise:

  • Accountability - we must demand accountability in our elected representatives and accountability for the hard earned money we spend on taxes.

  • Public Safety - Austin is one of the premier cities in the world, we should treat our public servants on our police force, fire department, and EMS departments as if our lives depend on it- because they do!  We should have the best of all of these, and pay them like it, because they want to live here, just like you do!

  • Livability - Austin's way of life must be protected, and our tax dollars must not be squandered- neither on subsidies to corporations nor on out of control spending projects that do too little for too few.



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